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“Clean AG+” realizes the industry’s first high safety and high stability! Powerful sterilization power decomposes pathogenic microorganisms and thoroughly inactivates them!”

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High-purity silver ion by original manufacturing method

The manufacturing method of “Clean AG+” is really simple.

First, the silver compound is dissolved by a unique method and ionized to the atomic (200 bico) level. Next, by repeating the production to completely eliminate the toxicity, highly safe silver ion water can be produced.

The substances used to dissolve silver compounds are of natural origin, which are kind to humans and the environment. By wrapping silver ions in the substance, the force to return to silver is contained, and the stabilization of silver ions, which was conventionally considered to be technically difficult, was successful for the first time. We have developed extremely high-purity silver ionized water. * Patent applied

Unrivaled sterilization power + high safety

With the growing desire for cleanliness, there are many products called silver ions on the market. But how many products are really safely ionized?

“Clean AG+” does not contain any impurities other than silver ions in the water, so you can use it with confidence at any time.

We have passed all rigorous product tests in our own in-house tests, safety tests by third-party inspection organizations, and antibacterial properties tests, demonstrating its reliable quality. (There is public engineering evidence)

Promises a comfortable space

We recommend using an ultrasonic humidifier that utilizes “Clean AG+” to disinfect and deodorize the room.* 1 * 2

Atomized silver ions catch pathogenic microorganisms floating in the room, decompose cells and completely inactivate them, and also decompose the source of unpleasant odors in the space to promote the deodorizing effect. “Clean AG+“, which is safe and friendly to the natural environment, is a new dimension of disinfectant that you can feel the effect as you use it.

* 1. Dilute this product with pure water (distilled water, purified water) before use. Tap water, mineral water, etc. contain components other than water in the water and change to silver compounds over time, so the sterilization effect may be weakened.

* 2. After use, clean the water storage tank and vibration valve frequently.