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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and questions that have arrived at our company.

Q: How is Clean AG+‘s “Pico Silver” different from the “Nano Silver” you often hear?

Nano silver has a fine atomic level of 10 to the 9th power, but the “pico silver” we handle is an ultrafine silver ion with particles as fine as 1/1000 . The effect, efficacy, and durability are not comparable to other disinfectants, antibacterial agents, and deodorants, let alone “nano silver”. For example, in the case of the clean AG+ mist type, 1/1000 nano-fine particles are scattered with a single blow, so the surroundings instantly change to clean air and the effect lasts for a long time.

Q: Some people say that silver is not good for you, what about it?

It seems that many people mistakenly think that silver dissolves in water and becomes mercury, but it is a completely different metal.

  • Silver: Ag “silver”
  • Mercury: Hg “mercury”

It has been rumored that silver teeth are not good for your health, but this is because mercury, which was used for silver teeth in the past, is not good for your health. It is completely wrong to say that silver is not good for you. In addition, people have long ingested silver ions as a mineral component, albeit in trace amounts, when drinking water or eating.

Q: On the contrary, I’ve heard that drinking silver ionsmakes you feel better … ?

The silver ions handled by Clean AG+ have a very high concentration and are not recommended for drinking at all. (That’s why it is very effective.) However, a very small amount of silver ionized water (about 0.5 mg of silver per 1 L of water) is popular because it has the effect of smoothing blood because there are folk medicines to drink in Europe and the United States. However, silver ion water drinks are also sold in Japan as being good for your health.

Q: I have a baby, is it okay to use it?

Clean +> is all non-alcoholic and fragrance-free, so even delicate babies can use it with confidence.

Q: In what kind of scene or place should I use it?

Clean AG+ can be used in various scenes because it has various effects such as disinfecting bacteria and decomposing the source of odors.

  • Hands / Masks: For virus prevention and sterilization. Unlike alcohol, the effect lasts for a long time.
  • Room: Disinfecting and deodorizing doorknobs, walls, furniture, and air conditioners. A quick blow to eliminate the smell of cigarettes and clothing.
  • Kitchen: For disinfecting, deodorizing, and preventing mold from kitchen waste and after meals. Kitchen: For disinfecting, deodorizing, and preventing mold from kitchen waste and after meals. 
  • Entrance, toilet: For deodorizing (decomposing the odor from the beginning), sterilizing, and mold prevention of clog boxes. Just leave it in the bathroom and the odor will disappear.
  • Around pets: For deodorizing and sterilizing, and measures against odor of excrement.
  • Car: For sterilization and deodorization in the car. As well as spraying with mist, the effect is outstanding just by placing gel etc.
  • Others: Greatly effective against pollinosis and acne!

Q: Can it be used in an aquarium?

There is an image that using silver ions in an aquarium will make the water clean, but it is very important to control the concentration of silver ions, and it seems difficult for an amateur, so please refrain from using it. In addition, since silver ions are adsorbed on the gills of the fish, it may interfere with the respiration of the fish, so be careful.