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We, CleanTech Hanbai Co., Ltd. and Will Partner Co., Ltd., have announced that the new silver ion product “Clean Tech Series / Clean AG+ Ulticlean” is a pico-level.

We have jointly developed “Clean AG+ Ulticlean”. Utilizing the know-how that has been involved in sterilization and antibacterial deodorant products for about 30 years, from the nano-level silver ions that are generally available ultra-fine silver ion “Clean Tech Series” with 1/1000 finer particles. The sterilization system is completely different and I am convinced that its effectiveness, efficacy and sustainability are better beyond comparison to other sterilization, antibacterial and deodorant agents as well as nano silver, but also the top class in the world from the data. I will.

Based on this pico silver ion “Clean Tech Series”, we will continue to carry out further research and aim for product development in all fields.

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